What to Do When You’re Liked by the Wrong Species

ratsIt is no secret that the word “rat” simply makes people cringe. Thoughts of disease, biting, scratching, and general uncleanliness race through the minds of most people when they hear the word. Of course, the majority of the world realizes that rats have no business being in homes or businesses, and health codes actually tend to strictly forbid their presence in these places. Rats are quickly able to multiply, and a single female rat can produce at least two thousand offspring in a given year. As a result, it is crucial to maintain their populations with rat removal and Wildlife and Pest services.

The presence of rats in an area not intended for them can have detrimental consequences. Immediate concerns pertaining to sanitation come to mind. Matter of factly, though, rats themselves do not result in direct uncleanliness, but are instead attracted to unsanitary areas. A rat in the area is a sign of other issues pertaining to cleanliness, and their appearance should never go ignored. Of course, they are able to make unclean situations dirtier due to the diseases that they carry.

Leptospirosis is a disease most commonly spread by rats. If anyone were to contract this deadly disease, a great threat would be posed to their kidneys. The disease is also deadly to household pets, like cats and dogs. The fact that rats spread illnesses should be a lesson of awareness rather than a means to hate the creatures, however, and further proves that rats should be in areas intended for them.

As previously mentioned, health codes in a vast array of countries strictly prohibit the company of rats in businesses, especially where food is being served. Posing a great risk to the general public, the rodents are able to leave their droppings in the tools used to cook food, the unprepared food, and even the final product that is due to be served to a person. Additionally, a home with rats is very dangerous not only for sanitation issues, but for the aggression rats have been known to demonstrate. Homes with children especially must take caution against these furry nuisances.

ratOf course, it is wrong to eliminate entire populations of species, regardless of your feelings towards them or the misconceptions affiliated with their breeds. Though rats do not belong in residential areas or businesses, they do deserve to live, and as a result, humane rat removal is crucial. Failure to remove rats humanely can pose problems for your reputation, conscious, and even the environment.